Welcome to Swastamandiri Accounting School, one of the most dynamic Accounting School in Indonesia. We have accredited by BAN-PT (Badan Akreditasi Nasional Perguruan Tinggi). In 2006, We opened special program Al-Es’af.

Al-Es’af degree program is of the most comprehensive undergraduate program in Indonesia. Students will get courses in Accounting, Islamic Studies, English and Arabic Language, and also Islamic Economics.

At Al-Es’af we have a diverse national student population, representing over many cities in Indonesia. Our students have featured as a winner in writing competitions, student competitions, and newspaper column.

Al-Es’af is committed to fulfill gap between demand and supply in the job market, especially for Islamic finance institution. It is critically important to engage in the development of Islamic Economics through learning and teaching.

I invite you to explore our dynamic and innovative campus and take up the experience and opportunities that are available to you here.

Ibrahim Fatwa Wijaya, SE, M.Sc
Head of Swastamandiri Accounting School